Saturday, 18 March 2017

164 Can you tell what it is yet?

Quick and nasty WIP shot of my latest piece for the Legion of Undead. Very fiddly!

163 Thoughts on Guilliman and the death of the Imperium Part 1

Forgeworld Guilliman

I dont yet have the latest of the Triumvirate books but I have already read quite a bit of the fluff and pondered the implications quite extensively and to be brutally honest.... The Imperium is doomed.

There I said it. 40k and the Imperium as we know it has had its day. The galaxy will be changed for ever and we didnt even notice.

Why so dramatic? Well partly because being dramatic and using an extreme stand point is fun! But otherwise the reality may well match what I am saying.

Guilliman walked with the Emperor, he KNOWS he is not a God. He knows the Emperor would be opposed to everything the Imperium has become.

And that is a big issue for the Imperium. The Adeptus Terra, the whole power structure of the Imperium, all its influence and power is based on a Holy Mandate from God (The Emperor) and now a man (kind of) who was physically there has turned up and it can only go one of two ways.

Guilliman will declare all of the religious structure of the Imperium false and corrupt and start a civil war OR the religious structure of the Imperium will declare Guilliman false and corrupt and a blasphemy against the Holy Emperor and start a civil war. Or both.

Its the Horus Heresy version 2.0. Will we know it as the Guilliman Heresy? The Roboute Rebellion?

Now the save all catch... Guilliman is smart. He knows that it will be apocalyptic to start a new Imperium wide civil war. So will he put aside his moral code and jump on the religious band wagon to save the Imperium? Becoming a Living Saint himself? Only time will tell.